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Indoor Volleyball | Rules


  • All games will begin with an opening prayer. 
  •  Following the game each team's captain will lead, or appoint someone to lead, a team challenge (devotion) provided by the Sports & Fitness Ministry


  • All players should remember the purpose of our leagues and strive to be Christ honoring in the actions.
  • If a player issued a conduct related yellow card has been issued a warning.  If a player issued a red card will receive a point penalty. If a player who receives a red and yellow card together must sit out the remainder of the set. If a player who receives a red and yellow card separately is disqualified from the match and must speak with league staff before playing any further sets. 


  • Only players who have paid and registered for the Southeast Indoor Volleyball League are eligible to participate in games.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Teams may not pick up substitute players from other divisions or who are not paid participants.
  • A team must have at least 4 rostered players to start a game.  If a team does not have enough rostered players, volunteer players who are registered within the Southeast Volleyball league division may be recruited to play. The opposing team captain will have the opportunity to approve the volunteer players. These volunteer players will play only until regular rostered players arrive and are ready to play.
  • If a team starts with less than 6 players, new players may be added in the middle back row position at any dead ball.
  • If a team has 7 or less players, new players are rotated in at the service position.
  • If a team has 8 or more players, new players can be rotated in at the service position and the front left position.  If a team wishes to rotate in both positions, they must notify the official before each game.
  • ALL ROSTERS ARE FINAL AFTER GAME 5 (no adding of players after game 5) except by approval of league coordinator in extreme circumstances only.  Anyone who is added must pay full league fee.


All USA Volleyball rules enforced.


  • First two games:  rally score to 21, win by 2, cap at 23.
  • Final game:  rally score to 15, win by 2, cap at 17.


  • Red lines are considered in. 
  • Running track, walls, basketball goals and supports are out of play.
  • Ceiling/supports over an opponent's court or an adjacent court are out of play.
  • Ceiling/supports over a team's own court are in play, except on an attack hit.
  • Player entering adjacent court is considered a fault. 


  • Mar resistant shoes must be worn. 
  • Apparel must follow Sports & Fitness dress code.


  • During the first hit of a team (not blocking), the ball may contact various parts of the body consecutively, provided that the contacts occur during one action.  This includes finger-action.  This is regardless of whether the attack hit was soft or hard.
  • The ball may not be caught and/or thrown.
  • Contacting the ball with two arms apart (on the 2nd or 3rd team hit) will be considered a double hit.


  • If a team cannot provide at least 4 roster players, the team will forfeit the first game 5 minutes after the opening prayer, 2nd game after 10 minutes, and 3rd game after 15 minutes.
  • The captain may decide to forfeit the games earlier.


  • The number of females on the court must be greater than or equal to the number of males.
  • Teams must line up in a male/female/male/female order per USA Volleyball Rules.
  • When a ball is played more than once by a team, at least one of the contacts shall be made by a female player. Contact of the ball during blocking shall not constitute playing the ball. There is no requirement for a male player to contact the ball, regardless of the number of hits by a team.
  • If there is only one male in the front row at the beginning of the service, then a back row male may be forward of the attack line for the purpose of blocking.
  • Spiking is allowed.
  • Jump serves are allowed. 


  • Upon completion of the regular season, a single elimination tournament will be held.
  • Only rostered players may be used during the tournament, no "picking ups" or "substitutes."  
  • All rostered players must have played in at least two regular season games to participate, and must have paid all league fees. 

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