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Rules: Basketball


  • All games will begin with an opening prayer. 
  • Following the game each team will gather in the Food Court for drinks and fellowship. 


  • Only players who have paid and registered for the Southeast Basketball League are eligible to participate in games. NO EXCEPTIONS. Teams may not pick up substitute players who are not paid and registered. Playing with ineligible players will result in forfeiture of game. 
  • If a team does not have 5 rostered players at game time, volunteer players who are registered on the Southeast Basketball league may be recruited to play. The captain of the team with five players will have the opportunity to approve the volunteer players. These volunteer players will play only until regular rostered players arrive and are ready to play.
  • Players must write their number by their name in the book prior to start of game. 
  • All players are guaranteed at least 20 minutes of playing time. It will be up to the player to determine if he wants to play his/her full 20 minutes. Any player who did not start the game and does not play in the first quarter must start the second quarter. 


  • KHSAA rules will be used except for a few special Southeast Christian Church rules. 
  • Two timeouts per team per game (One timeout per overtime period). 
  • 4 ten minute quarters, with 3 minute break at half. Overtime will be 2 minutes; 2nd overtime will be sudden death (during tournament, there will be no sudden death- 2 minute overtime(s) will continue until winner is declared).
  • Running clock will be implemented, stopping only for timeouts and whistles during last 2 minutes of 4th quarter and for overtime. 
  • Teams will shoot bonus on seventh foul of each half (no double bonus). 
  • If any team would be forced to play with fewer than four players due to fouls, the last player to foul out must remain in the game (leaving four players on the floor). That player's fifth foul and any subsequent fouls, result with the offended team shooting two technical free-throws and be awarded the ball at mid-court in addition to any possible points or free-throws as a result of the foul. 
  • Rebounders can enter the lane on a free throw following the shooter's release of the ball. 


  • Upon completion of the regular season, a single elimination tournament will be held. 
  • Only rostered players may be used during the tournament, no substitutes are allowed.
  • All rostered players must have played in at least 2 regular season games in order to participate in tournament. 


  • Any player that receives a conduct related technical foul will be ejected and must leave the gym immediately. Further, such player must meet with Adult Sports Director prior to next game. Should such a player receive a second technical foul during the course of the season, that player may be removed from the league for the remainder of the season, and may be removed from any subsequent leagues. 
  • All players should remember the purpose of our leagues and strive to be Christ honoring in their actions. 
  • Bad behavior and conduct will not be tolerated even if a technical foul is not issued. Please remember, this is a church league and our actions should reflect it. 

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